Managing Director

Giles Whitby-Smith: Managing Director and Founder

Giles was formerly an investment banker and broker. He worked on the London International Financial Futures Floor for 7 years and then headed up one of  the traded options desks at Credit Suisse First Boston.  He left the City in  2000.
He has always had property in his blood (via family portfolio) and became an active property investor in 1990.  He has significant experience in re-development and construction, and has recently completed qualifications in construction management.
In 2006 Giles founded Visionstream. He did so in response to being asked countless times by friends, and friends of friends, for help with their building projects.  He decided to create a construction and development company with a focus on reliability, communication and problem solving and an emphasis on listening to clients;  all valuable skills obtained during his many years in investment banking.
Visionstream has gone from strength to strength over the last six years and is gaining a growing reputation for quality, communication and deliverability.


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