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Existing assets need periodic renovation and maintenance. Visionstream are specialists in undertaking external  and internal regenerative and restorative works. Using our stonemasons, specialist joiners and skilled lead workers we are used by a growing number of Block Managing Agents to undertake restoration of external parts and communal areas. Our works policy is one of retention and restoration where possible rather than renewal of structures, this is particularly important with older buildings to maintain their authenticity.

Visionstream undertake repair works as part of the restoration and refurbishment processes. Depending upon the age and style of the building we work closely with our clients to agree the preferred methodology of repair.  Clients, Conservation Architects and Heritage engineers are a vital part of the decision making process when determining the most sympathetic route to achieving the desired result. Visionstream are proud of our relationships with Architects, Chartered Surveyors, Designers and Specialist Engineers.

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Visionstream works closely with specialists when undertaking heritage and listed building projects. One of our key consultants is Alan Creasey of Q.R.C. Norfolk  who specialises in Historic Building Consultancy work, from his own professional practice.


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This covers varied technical matters devolved from a 35 year career in this industry sector.  Contracts typically include forensic building inspections of works to historic and traditional buildings which may have failed, arriving at faults, causes and solutions on these varied jobs.  Also training and development work in undertaken e.g., teaching specialist up-skilling programmes including Level 3 in Heritage Skills.


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Alan is a member of the National Heritage Training Group and is the Heritage Officer for the IOC.  Alan is also deputy chairman of the professional standards committee of the Institute of Clerk of Works and the Construction Inspectorate.  One of Alan’s particular fields of expertise is ‘the identification and application of Cretaceous Period Building Materials’.

See more pictures of this project here.

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